Maldivian United Youth Assocoiation

Maldivian United Youth Association

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نبذة تاريخية عن المالديف

A Brief History of the Maldives

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  • The Republic of Maldives is made up of scattered Islands located in the Indian Ocean.
  • Sunni Islam is the state religion of Maldives.
  • Islam came to the Maldives in 548(H) with the Arabian traveler Abul Barakhat Al-Bar Bari.
  • The population is 300,000 spread over 200 Islands. The capital include about 60 or 70 thousand.
  • Maldives has a unique language of their own called Dhivehi and when Maldives entered Islam many Arabic words were integrated to the language and now it makes about 40% of the vocabulary.

Overview of Maldivian United Youth Association

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  • Registration: 21 - ربيع الاول 1419
  • Slogan: Union Strength and Segregation is Weakness.
  • The first specialized Islamic Society in youth affairs in the region concerned with the assessment of faith, thinking & behavior.
  • Working to educate youth to be good servants beneficial to the community who adhere to the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger Mohamed(PBUH).
  • Officially registered - 33/98 / G 21 -15 on 14 July 1998.


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  • Set up classes for the memorization of the Holy Quran.
  • Issuing bulletins, publications & distribution.
  • Give lessons in Mosques.
  • The establishment of educational camps for the youth.
  • Ramadan fast breaking programs (Ifthaar).
  • Feast of Sacrifice (Ulhiya).
  • Distribution of charity.
  • Establishment of Sheikh Hussein Raha Pre-School.

المخيمات التربوية

Educational camps

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مهرجان عيد

Organzing Eid Festival

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Quran Classes for the Memorization of the Holy Quran

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Ramadan Fast Breaking Programs (Ifthaar)

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Ifthaar Image Image 4

Feast of Sacrifice (Ulhiya)

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Establishment of Sheikh Hussain Rahaa Pre-School

Sheikh Hussain Rahaa Pre-School Image

Responsible Person

Profile Picture
Abdulla Faroog Ibrahim is a Sunni Islamic scholar. He is a Magistrate in Addu City, Maldives. He graduated from the Islamic University in Madeena. He was nominated as the BEST ALL – ROUND MAGISTRATE FOR THE YEAR 2001 IN MALDIVES.

He has written a number of books on various Islamic topics. One of his remarkable work is the Dhivehi (Maldivian Language) translation of Riyaadhu al Saalihin.

Bank Details

Shaikh Hussain Rahaa Pre-School

Account number: 7730000005229

BANK OF MALDIVES Hithadhoo Branch


Addu City, Hithadhoo

Postal Code 19002

Republic of Maldives

اسم الحساب ورقمه


Account number: 7708383526001

اسم البنك وعنوانه

BANK OF MALDIVES Hithadhoo Branch


Postal Code 19002

Republic of Maldivess

Contact Us

Maldivian United Youth Association

العنوان االبريدي لرابطة الشبان المتحدين المالديفيين بجمهورية المالديف

Maldivian United Youth Asspciation

Rufaidha Manzil, Addu City, Hithadhoo - 19002

Republic of Maldives

Phone : + 960 996 6330, + 960 688 8032

e-mail :